Wedding Unity RitualsWedding Unity Rituals, as are all rituals of any kind, are routinely done to bring about significant behavior, be it in religion, life ceremonies, family events, or any other occasion. A wisely planned and conducted wedding unity ritual prepares the ground, creates the atmosphere and suggests the mood for what is to come. A well-placed and executed ritual can turn an ordinary ceremony into an extraordinary one! Any sentiment that a couple feels strongly about can be made into a beautiful and poetic ritual.

Unity Candle Ceremony

Rose Giving Ceremony

Wedding Sand Ceremony

White Dove Release

Hand Fasting | Hand Binding Ceremony

Ring Blessing | Warming of the Rings

Wedding Wine Ceremony | Sharing of the Wine

Wishing Stone Ceremony | Blessing Stone Ceremony

Chinese Tea Wedding Ceremony

To name but a few of the many offered for your selection should you chose to incorporate a Wedding Ritual (or even two, time permitting) into your ceremony.

From breaking the glass at a Jewish ceremony to covering a bride’s hands and feet with henna for an Indian wedding, there’s no shortage of wedding unity rituals and marriage customs that you can adapt to your own personal taste. Whether your ceremony is religious, non religious, spiritual,  casual, formal, themed or to include children, including a wedding unity ritual is a sure way to further engage your family and friends giving your ceremony even more meaning.

More Ceremony Ideas to Ponder and make your ceremony even more unique………………….

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