Tamborine Mountain Wedding Celebrant, Wedding Wine Ceremony Ritual

Wine Ceremony Wedding Ritual

Wine Ceremony Wedding Ritual Tamborine Mountain Wedding CelebrantThe Wine Ceremony Wedding Ritual acknowledges the symbolism of the glass of wine (although any preferred or traditional drink may be used).  There are many options available, whether for just the couple or to include their bridal party and/or parents, grandparents and sometimes may include all the guests

This wedding unity ceremony is usually presented after the vows, ring exchange & signing of the register. The Groom pours a glass of wine and as the Bride and Groom drink from it the wedding celebrant says words similar to The glass of wine has traditionally been symbolic of the cup of life. Just as you both share this glass of wine, etc

There are many wine ceremony rituals from which you may chose.  From the very simple act of sharing a glass of wine, through to the more complex and fun in which you can involve various members of your family and/or friends.