Celebrant Mentoring

Celebrant Mentoring – after 15 years as a full-time Marriage Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant, OPD Trainer, Trainer and Administrator of Celebrant Training Austraila, I understand how difficult it can be to commence or expand your celebrancy business – possibly from part-time to full-time and what you need to know to get you there……

Is your goal to succeed and become a highly successful and professional full time celebrant? If that is your long term plan and why shouldn’t it be? Celebrancy offers a rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

Whether you have been in the industry for years, have recently been registered, or in the middle of your Cert IV Celebrancy training, you are probably more than aware of the basics as to how you present a  ceremony, although how are you going to extend that knowledge to have the ability to create unique, individual, outstanding ceremonies that will have couples lining up for your services?

Celebrant Mentoring

Do you want to expand your business to include funerals?  Do you need a business plan?  Are you unsure of the next steps you need to take?  You will be offered a friendly, supportive environment to discuss your business and ideas moving forward.

It is common knowledge that it can be difficult commencing your celebrancy business and I’m here to help you succeed, offering the knowledge and skills necessary for you to achieve your goals and how to maintain them!  I certainly do not want you to be sitting in front of your computer screen, wondering what to do nor waiting for the phone to ring.

Therefore, you are offered a one-on-one, personalised mentoring service that will help you:

  • Re-establish your enthusiasm for your career with fresh ideas
  • Ceremony script editing and feedback
  • Assist new celebrants in establishing their business
  • Write a ‘business plan’ for your business and the steps you will need to take to ensure your success
  • Advertising ideas to help you climb the tallest mountain within the market.  Does you website stand out amongst the many?
  • Effective marketing tools to liaise with venues and wedding vendors to promote your business
  • Assist you with competitive pricing and your terms & conditions
  • Refresh your knowledge on all things ‘legal’
  • How to structure unique, creative ceremonies and the tools required to do so

I offer you all the tips and tricks learnt over many years to make your celebrancy business stand out from the crowd!

Whether regarding marriages, funerals or both, you can discuss all the topics that are currently the most important to you and your celebrancy business and more…………………  You’re not sitting there alone in an isolated bubble, let me be your #1 fan club

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