Moreton Bay Marriage Celebrant

Moreton Bay Marriage Celebrant

Congratulations, you’ve set the date for one of the most exciting days of your lives.  Let the celebration commence with your ceremony as this will set the mood for your whole day.  As your Moreton Bay Marriage Celebrant allow me to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours.  A celebration of your love.  A ceremony that you, your family and your friends will remember, so let’s get creative so your guests won’t feel like they are sitting in a grandstand, eating popcorn, watching ‘yet another wedding ceremony’.  With the privilege and joy of officiating at over 1,000 ceremonies, you are offered total professionalism, a wealth of knowledge, warmth, compassion, fun and you are given all the resources I have accumulated over many years to ensure you have all the options to allow you to personalise your own dream ceremony to include the few or the many.

When you’re looking for a Moreton Bay Marriage Celebrant, or any celebrant for that matter, there are so many factors to take into account. You need to feel natural and comfortable with this person, you want to be able to have a laugh with them and also a cry, you want to be able to confide in them and share emotions without feeling awkward.  So, it’s really important that you choose someone who is the right fit for you both as a couple.  The only way you can do this is by research and then arranging to meet with your celebrant, always preferably over a nice cuppa!
“Sheridan you were an amazing point of calm on the whole day. We appreciate all you did for us. You are an amazing person and celebrant and we appreciate all you’ve done for us over this time.”  Daniel & Rachel Nugent, Tamborine Wedding Gardens
My first promise to you both:  I will be available to you 24/7 (well, nearly!) by appointment, phone or email until you are introduced to your family and friends as Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mr or ‘partners in Marriage’ to great applause, cheers and whistles.
 second promise to you both: your special day will also become my day.  Another ceremony will not be booked on your nominated date.
 third promise to you both: I will make your ceremony as stress free as humanly possible, with a sense of fun and a relaxed, warm atmosphere.

Services included in quoted Moreton Bay Celebrant Fee

Or possibly a WEDDING PACKAGE may be your cup of tea?

As a Moreton Bay Marriage Celebrant and having worked with Master Photographer, Donna Green, for over 10 years, we are offering our couples who have chosen to marry in the spectacular Moreton Bay Region the highest possible service at a very affordable price.

Moreton Bay Wedding Packages


Or an Elopement Package?

Moreton Bay Celebrant – For those low-key couples looking to create a romantic and intimate experience, an elopement package could be the perfect solution for your wedding, so sit back, relax and let our experienced award winning team do all the work for you to create your perfect ceremony.

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